Invisible picture hanging systems

Invisible picture hanging systems

Are you interested in a picture hanging system, but not too font of the view of that rail on your wall or ceiling? Then we have good news! The following picture hanging systems can be mounted virtually invisibly. These picture rails are also extremely suitable for newly constructed buildings or for suspended ceilings in the office or governmental institutions. All eyes will be on your favorite wall decoration!

STAS u-rail

The STAS u-rail has been purpose-designed to turn a drop ceiling into a flexible picture hanging system in a matter of minutes.The rail can be attached almost completely invisibly to wooden ceiling tile support strips and.. voilá! The drop ceiling is transformed into an almost invisble picture hanging system. STAS u-rail can be used with all hook-cord combinations that involve a STAS cobra.

STAS u-rail

STAS u-rail in use

STAS u-railSTAS u-rail

STAS plasterrail

STAS plaster rail is the only picture hanging system that can be fully integrated into a new wall; to be built or to be plastered. Ideal for, among other things, new construction projects. TIP: Make sure the plasterer doesn't mount the rail upside down! In order to prevent the gutter from getting filled with plaster, a plasterrail cord must first be placed in the gutter. Immediately after plastering, the string must be carefully removed so that the stucco dries nicely tight.

The STAS plasterrail can be used with 2 hook-cord combinations. The STAS plasterrail hook + cord + STAS zipper (picture 1) can load up to 4 kg. The combination S-hook, steelcable with loop and STAS zipper (picture 2) can load up to 20 kg per meter.

STAS plasterrail          STAS plasterrail

STAS plasterrail in use

STAS plasterrail        STAS plasterrail
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