Gallery hanging system

gallery hanging system

Through our webshop you can easily order a gallery hanging system that perfectly suits your needs. Arrange and rearrange your pictures fast and flexibly, without tools. Use it at your home, office, gallery, museum or workspace. Our hanging tracks, cables, rods & accessories cover the broadest range of applications, from small photo displays to professional museum systems.

Small & basic Gallery hanging system

The STAS minirail is a small, elegant and basic gallery hanging system which is barely visible on your wall.

Gallery system for the perfectionist

The STAS cliprail max system is a gallery hanging system for the perfectionist. This railsystem connects to your ceiling and is therefore the best we can offer in terms of elegance: wall, ceiling and hanging system become one.

Professional gallery hanging system for heavy art

If you want to hang heavy works of art we recommend the STAS cliprail pro. The sturdy aluminum picture rail is capable of carrying loads up to 45 kg (99 lbs) per linear meter (39 inch). When combined with the STAS zipper on steel cable you can hang artwork that weighs up to 20 kg (44 lbs).