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Hanging a picture without drilling

Do you also hate drilling holes for hanging your wall decoration? Drilling holes in freshly plastered walls is a thing of the past with a picture hanging system from STAS. With a STAS picture rail you can easily hang a painting without drilling. Moreover, a STAS picture rail allows you to easily hang your photo frames, artworks, mirrors, quilts, plates, and many other types of wall decoration in a matter of seconds and without drilling.

A STAS picture hanging system lasts a lifetime and enables you to adapt your interior to the latest trends. We have a hanging system for every type of wall and interior style. Whether you prefer a narrow hanging system, a classic wooden moulding picture rail, an extra sturdy hanging system or a hanging system with integrated picture lighting; we have a solution for every situation!

Why a STAS picture hanging system?

done   No more drilling after installation
done   Flexibly hang and change wall decoration
done   Different sustainable designs for every interior style
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What is a STAS picture hanging system?

The word hanging system, picture hanging system, rail system or picture rail is often used interchangeably when we talk about a STAS picture hanging system. Basically, a STAS picture hanging system consists of 3 parts: a rail, a cord and a hook. After mounting the picture rail, you simply hook a suspension cord into the rail and slide a suspension hook over the cord to the desired height. Thanks to the special design of our products, you can quickly move the cord to another spot in the rail or move the suspension hook a little more so your pictures hang exactly to your liking!

1. Attach the rail to your wall or ceiling (after this you will never have to drill again!).

2. Hook the cord into the rail at any desired location.

3. Slide the hook over the cord to the desired height.

4. Hang an object on the hook: done!

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