Wall gallery templates

Wall gallery templates

How do I put together my wall gallery?

Creating a beautiful wall gallery can be quite a challenge. One that we are happy to help you with! Because how do you start? And what kind of shape and layout fits your interior? A wall gallery template is your lifesaver here!

gallery wall

A wall gallery template

A wall gallery template is an example of how you could put together your gallery wall. It shows how you can position different frames in an appropriate arrangement in your interior. You can use the template as a starting point, after which you search for frames and decorations that match the shape of the template. If you already have lots of frames and decorations you might consider looking for a template that has the same shapes as your wall decoration.

For your convenience, in this blog we show you a number of templates that you could use and that you can easily create with a STAS picture rail and STAS hooks and cords. But maybe you get inspired and think of a template yourself!

STAS template STAS template STAS template

With a STAS picture hanging system you can at least change your wall decoration as often as you like, and you do not have to trouble yourself with crafts that you didn't ask for (Though it could come in handy to visualize for yourself how you want your wall gallery to look like!).

Wall gallery inspiration

To inspire you a bit more, we collected the most gorgeous wall galleries ! Besides frames you could also vary with other objects such as (small) mirrors, posters, polaroids or for example a macramé. You could also think about color combinations and the choice for (personal) photos, art and prints. But in the end, the most important tip that we want to give you is: HAVE FUN & NOTHING IS WRONG! It is your wall after all! What kind of template would you choose?

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