The STAS u-rail: an ideal product for window displays!

The STAS u-rail: an ideal product for window displays!

The STAS u-rail

The STAS u-rail was originally developed to make a hanging system of a suspended ceiling. The rail is mounted almost invisibly on the wooden side rail of the ceiling. However, what many people do not know is that the STAS u-rail also lends itself perfectly to shop windows! The STAS u-rail can be mounted almost invisibly against the top of a window frame and gives you the freedom to let your creativity run free and to complete your shop window as you wish.
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The STAS u-rail is an aluminum rail, with a dimension of 6.5 x 14 mm and can carry up to 20 kg per meter. The rail is available in white or in black and in a length of 150 cm. After ordering the STAS u-rail you can complete your hanging system with corresponding hooks and cords.

STAS u-rail met raam        close-up STAS u-rail with window

Hanging system for shop windows

The STAS u-rail is an ideal product for creating creative shop windows. Because a hanging system is attached to the top of the window frame, all kinds of objects can be displayed in the shop window, which can easily be changed. The STAS u-rail is therefore an ideal product for fashion stores, art shops, but also for example for brokerage!


What kind of shop window would you want to create with the STAS u-rail? Let us know in the comments!

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