The most beautiful ideas for a photo gallery

The most beautiful ideas for a photo gallery

Photo gallery

In a previous blogpost we already covered the "gallery wall trend". A characteristic of the gallery wall is that it is often a mix of photos, art and prints. In this blog we want to show you how to use your personal photos in a beautiful gallery. Eventually, your own photos are the perfect way to give a personal touch to your interior! Think, for example, of family photos, holiday photos and even your wedding photos. Use them separately, or just all together. You could also think about a certain color scheme that you want to keep in mind when selecting your photos. So sit back and enjoy, grab your photo albums and get inspired!

Family photos

Family photos can be super stylish in black and white, as shown below. Use large frames and hang them symmetrically next to each other for a sleek look. Let your children take a pose that suits them and your photo gallery gives your interior a personal touch right away!

Another nice idea is to make sure that all your frames fit together so that the whole forms a rectangle. Again we see a lot of inspiration in black and white, but secretly we like the gallery with passe-partout and in color just as well!    


Holiday photos

Whether you like to make spontaneous holiday photos of your family, or rather opt for beautiful photos of the surroundings ... Hang them in different sizes together and you immediately have a nice memory of a wonderful holiday!  

Wedding photos

The most beautiful day of your life is of course something you want to think about every single day. So why not give them a nice place in your home? Choose your best photos and let the frames or photos fall into each other so that they become a beautiful, fitting collage.  

Hanging a photo gallery

And .. what is it going to be? Difficult to choose right?! We totally agree! Luckily you can change your photo gallery as often as you like with a STAS picture hanging system! What kind of photo gallery would you like to create? Let us know in the comments!

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