Make a collage or Instawall with STAS picture hits

Make a collage or Instawall with STAS picture hits

STAS picture hits are transparent plastic clips with which you can easily connect photos, cards and other lightweight decorations to each other and to your STAS rail. STAS picture hits are ideal for temporary or changing decorations such as Christmas cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, garlands and other party or seasonal decorations. But... you can also easily create a beautiful collage or "instawall" with it as well!

STAS picture hits winter instawall                                                             

STAS picture hits    

STAS picture hits summer instawall
STAS picture hits

Creating a instagram collage / instawall with STAS picture hits

STAS picture hits are a perfect solution for displaying your most carefully selected instagram photos with a so-called "instawall". It is a shame to keep all those beautiful photos on your phone anyway!

STAS tips for your instawall

  • Make sure that your insta photos in different sizes fit together perfectly.
  • Use the same filter on all the photos that you want to use.
  • Or ... pick one color and make sure it appears in every photo.
  • Alternate photos with areas of color or quotes in a color that matches your interior.
  • But most importantly; use photos of your most fun and precious memories!

Think back to your dearest memories, every time you walk past your instawall!

Instawall inspiration


Hanging an instawall

The first clip of the STAS picture hits can be directly inserted in your STAS picture rail. Put a photo, card or other type of decoration in the clip. At the bottom or side of the decoration you slide a new clip and connect a new decoration. This is how you create a collage step by step!

Tip from STAS: A transparent distance strip can be positioned at the top of the collage in order to start your instawall at eye level.

STAS picture hits
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