Hanging mirrors with a hanging system of STAS!

Hanging mirrors with a hanging system of STAS!

Do you also get freaked out at the thought of having to hang up a mirror? Trust me you are not alone! Here, at STAS, we can completely find you in this stress factor. After all, you wouldn't dare thinking that your new mirror falls onto the ground in 10000 pieces in the middle of the night, right?! But then how do you mount a mirror in a beautiful, safe and invisible way? The answer to this is fortunately very simple: with the STAS dibond hangers!

The STAS dibond hangers is a metal, self-adhesive plate with a hook. Important when applying the STAS dibond hangers is that the surface is dust and grease free. After cleaning the surface, place the dibond hanger in the right place and press it firmly for 10 seconds. Then allow the dibond hanger to adhere for 30 minutes before hanging up your mirror. The STAS dibond hanger can be hung with a STAS dibond hangers with suitable hooks and cords or it can be attached to the wall with a plug and screw. The STAS dibond hangers is available in two sizes: important when applying the STAS dibond hanger is that the substrate is dust and grease free
  • The small dibond hanger has a weight capacity up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg) and a size of 2.75" x 2.75" (70x70 mm).
  • The large dibond hanger has a weight capacity up to 13.2 lbs (6 kg) and a size of 3.94" x 3.94" (100x100 mm).
STAS dibond hanger

Hanging a heavy mirror?

You have a mirror that is heavier than 6 kg? No problem! You can mount multiple STAS dibond hangers next to each other to increase the carrying capacity. A 10 kg mirror can be easily hung this way with 2 large STAS dibond hangers next to each other. It is of course important that you keep an eye on the maximum carrying capacity of the hangers.

Hanging mirror with STAS dibond hangers

Or... create a mirror gallery!

You can of course go for 1 mirror, but how cool is a mirror gallery?! Collect all kinds of mirrors in different shapes, colors and sizes. A tip from us: browse through markets and secondhand stores to collect a variety of (cheap) mirrors! You can use a STAS dibond hangers for each mirror to hang them safely and invisibly.

Mirror gallery with STAS dibond hangers

Hanging other things with the STAS dibond hangers

Not only mirrors are perfectly (and invisibly) to mount with the STAS dibond hangers. Think, for example, of other flat surfaces such as art and photographs on acrylic, dibond, plexiglass or aluminum! Picture frames are also easy to hang with the dibond hangers! You can also combine the STAS dibond hangers with a STAS picture hanging system, which allows you to hang multiple objects underneath each other. Look for example how nice the wall below looks like! A combination of photo frames (in different sizes, shapes and colors) combined with a mirror makes it a beautiful and cheerful whole.

Hanging a clock with STAS dibond hanger              Wall gallery with STAS dibond hangers

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