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Wherever people use paper, the STAS paper rail and STAS papergrip can be used to display pictures, cards, memos, drawings, etc.

STAS paperrail & papergrip

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  1. STAS papergrip + installation kit

    STAS papergrip is one rail that has two uses. Thanks to a strip, paper and small posters can be easily locked into the rail and can be removed again with a single motion. Secondly, cards and similar objects can be placed in the special edge on top of the rail. STAS papergrip is suitable for both thick and thin paper and can even hold light magazines up to 3.5 mm and laminated paper. PAPERGRIP WHITE 100CM OUT OF STOCK DUE EARLY APRIL ON BACKORDER WITH STAS HOLLAND
  2. STAS paper rail

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    The STAS paper rail provides a very easy way of displaying pictures, cards, memos, drawings, paper etc. The rail contains glass marbles, which press down the inserted pictures or papers by gravity. The rail can be mounted straight to your wall. Length: 19.7 inch, 39.4 inch & 78.7 inch. Available in white and natural aluminium.
  3. STAS papergrip hook

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    In addition to the STAS papergrip, there is the STAS papergrip hook in the colors white, alu and black. Click the specially designed STAS papergrip hooks on the rail, to hang small items such as keys, or for example a STAS steel cord with loop and magnet set, on the STAS papergrip.

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