Picture hanging

Picture hanging

Changing wall decorations, pictures, paintings or photo frames couldn’t be easier using the matching picture hooks and cords.

Hang multiple picture frames and make your own collage in a matter of seconds! You can use multiple STAS smartspring or STAS zipper hooks on a single cord or cable to create your own unique wall collage.

Our hanging systems are also suitable to hang whiteboards, clocks, mirrors and other items and decorations. You can hang any product with a hook, provided that you keep in mind the maximum allowed load capacity.

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Picture hanging tips when using a picture hanging system from STAS

• For the best result, mount the rail over the full length of your wall(s). You can easily shorten the rail to the desired size by sawing it.
• Make sure you mount the rail at the right height. On flat ceilings: drill at 0.8 – 1 inch below the ceiling. One also has to keep in mind that if you are drilling too close to the ceiling, the drill will leave marks on the ceiling.
• Sometimes the use of two cords and two hooks instead of one makes it easier to hang a large picture at a straight level.
• When hanging a painting or picture frame with wire at the back: makes sure it has the right length. If the frame is tilted the wire might be too long. Also the fact that the wire is placed too far towards the middle of the frame might cause this problem.
• When choosing your hooks and cords, your choice depends on the desired look and the weight of your painting or wall decoration. The perlon cord is virtually invisible. The steel cable is suitable for hanging heavy wall decorations.



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