Hanging greeting cards with STAS

Hanging greeting cards with STAS

We are in the digital age, but sending greeting cards does not seem to suffer over this. Greeting cards are personal and authentic. There also seems to be a suitable card for every occasion. The nice thing about cards, I think, is that it's a surprise in your mailbox, a surprise that makes it easy to show that you think about someone. You have birth cards, wedding cards, Christmas cards (mostly from distant family and great-aunts, am I right?), get-well cards, Mother's Day / Father's Day cards, Valentinesday cards, moving cards, invitations, condolence cards, the 'just because' cards, cards to congratulate on new homes / jobs / anniversaries and ofcourse birthday cards.

The STAS magnet set

On average, we buy 56 greeting cards a year (!). The big question that arises here is.. where do you put all these cards? Crammed together on the windowsill? Such a waste! These beautiful cards deserve to be seen! That's why we came up with something.. The STAS magnet set is a flexible and magnetic hanging system to hang all your (greeting) cards and other kinds of papers, memo's, pictures or kids' drawings for instance, with small magnets. The content of the STAS magnet set contains of 10 STAS magnets and 1 STAS cobra with a 150 cm steelcable. The STAS magnet set can be hung on all STAS picture rails with an exception of the STAS wooden rails, the STAS j-rail and the STAS j-rail max.

STAS magnet set get-well cardsSTAS magnet set christmas cardsSTAS magnet set birthday cards


STAS magnet set                          STAS magnet set

Pretty convenient right? What would you hang with the STAS magnet set? Let us know in the comments!

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