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STAS papergrip
“Oh no, more drawings! Where am I going to leave them this time?” Does this sound familiar? Kids make the most beautiful pieces of artwork, as well as in school as at home. Most of the time they end up with a magnet on the fridge or roam somewhere around the house. Of course you want to show how incredibly proud you are of the creativity of your children. But where are you going to leave all of these? Read More
STAS magnet set
On average, we buy 56 greeting cards a year (!). The big question that arises here is.. where do you put all these cards? Crammed together on the windowsill? Such a waste! These beautiful cards deserve to be seen! That's why we came up with something.. Read More
Hanging mirrors with STAS dibond hangers

Hanging mirrors with ease

16/03/2015 02:37

Do you also get freaked out at the thought of having to hang up a mirror? Trust me you are not alone! Here, at STAS, we can completely find you in this stress factor. After all, you wouldn't dare thinking that your new mirror falls onto the ground in 10000 pieces in the middle of the night, right?! But then how do you mount a mirror in a beautiful, safe and invisible way? We have the solution! Read More