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And in the end, this is what we do it all for. Take a look at all the reviews and photos we received from our customers lately. Because ofcourse we can say that STAS picture hanging systems are really really good, but in the end our customers can do this só much better. Read More
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STAS papergrip

The STAS papergrip is an aluminum rail with a strip on the inside and is available in the colors aluminum, black structured lacquer, white structured lacquer and white smooth, and in the lengths 50cm / 19.7”, 100cm / 37.4”, 150 cm / 59” or 200cm / 78.7”.

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gallery wall

The gallery wall is a trend that seems to stand the test of time (with good reason!). The best way to give your interior a boost is to decorate your walls with precious photos, art posters or prints. Or everything at the same time, why not? With STAS it is so easy to hang, add and rearrange!

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STAS wooden rails

STAS proudly presents a modern classic into the STAS’ collection! While the majority of our other products have a more modern and clean look, our STAS wooden picture rails can provide the right amount of warmth and elegance that you had been looking for. 

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STAS picture hanging systems
At STAS we offer many different types of picture rails. We can therefore very well imagine that sometimes all this information can be confusing. To make things easier for you, in this blog we will make a comparison of the picture rails based on the carrying capacity. Read More
STAS multirail
Sometimes you just have a beautiful picture or painting that you want to give extra attention in your interior. You can do that by hanging it in a beautiful or striking frame, or by placing the photo or the painting in a very prominent place in your interior. Another possibility is the use of light. With the STAS multirail you can put your photo or painting literally in the spotlights. Read More